What People Are Saying About the Zia Family Focus Center

“Wonderful, fun, my favorite place to go after school.”

“Family Focus is a fun place where you can do lots of activities.”

“FFC Rocks.”

“So awesome, so cool!”

“Weird and awesome.”

“It’s awesomeness.”

“The best after school I have ever been to.”

“It’s good; it helps my mom with work. There are fun classes and stuff. I like Gardening and Nutrition and planting seeds. I like Ms. Patty’s classes making crafts and cooking stuff.”

“I like coming here and doing fun activities like dodge ball, sewing, guitar and all my classes.”

“Kind of like it. I really like dodge ball.”

“It’s really fun, I like all my classes, really like dodge ball.”

“Dodge ball, throwing balls.”

“I like all the fun.”

“Somewhere I go after school and do fun stuff. My favorite part is the snack. Safe, helps out parents and lets the kids have fun.”

“Nice, with a lot of kids and there are nice people.”

“Good, helpful, and learning a lot.”

“Helpful, careful, and fun.”

“Safe, fun, and exciting to be here.”

“I like the classes I take.”

“It’s fun and you get to do lots of things and you get snack.”

“Fun and interesting.”

“I like that I get to go to sewing and creative movement.”

“It’s really Fun.”

“I love Dodgeball.”