Program Director: Sandra Marroquin-Evans
Assistant Program Director: Laura Ratcliffe
Office Manager: Isis Orellana
Office Assistant: Janie Lester


image of Celia Dale

Celia Dale
ballet, open art studio (fri.)

image of Steve Sanchez

Steve Sanchez
karate, martial arts

Not pictured:
Shams Azimy - free play, choose your game, logo builders, dodgeball
Andrew Baldwin - soccer, whiffle ball stats, engineering & architecture, outdoor free play
Lisa Chaney - yoga, homework, morning mindfulness program
Sarah Dewey - nature in your hands, printmaking, comics, recycled art, imagination station
Dinorah Dunham - homework, canciones y cuentos
Sarah Hartshorn - flamenco dance
Jenette Isaacson - acting, 16mm film
Joe Sanchez - guitar/piano, fit body fun, dodgeball, choose your game
Jack West - indoor soccer, folk music, garden to pantry
Ian Zachry - ffc explorers, comics, open art studio (wed.), nature in your hands